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CamIQ AI Analytics

CamIQ AI Analytics analyzes image data streams from video cameras by using neural networks and classifies detected objects based on pre-trained models in real time.

False alarms caused by environmental conditions such as shadows, light reflections, wind, movement of animals (such as insects) can be significantly reduced in many cases with CamIQ AI Analytics, compared to simple motion detection.

CamIQ Cloud

CamIQ Cloud Services

CamIQ 8 with lots of new features and interface to the new CamIQ Cloud Services is now available!

You will need an user account to use the new CamIQ Cloud Services together with CamIQ 8 and the CamIQ App. Register here to set up your account.

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CamIQ 5x

CamIQ 8.x Satellite

CamIQ 8 Satellite is a modern, reliable and convenient video surveillance solution for small to medium-sized video surveillance systems that are supposed to remain scalable.

CamIQ 8 Satellite can simultaneously analyze and record up to 64 cameras per server, make all the images in the network available to authorized users, and thus cover a wide variety of application scenarios.

CamIQ Enterprise

CamIQ 8.x Enterprise

CamIQ 8 Enterprise is the cross-server management software for CamIQ 8 Servers in the CamIQ network. The software contains all the necessary functions to give users of professional video surveillance systems a complete overview of the system at any given time.

CamIQ 8 Enterprise has been designed to meet the demands of video systems using several dozen to several thousand cameras.

Cloud Stats

CamIQ Cloud Monitor

Checking availability of CamIQ Cloud Services

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