CamIQ API/SDK – Interface for Project Business

The CamIQ API/SDK interface lets developers conveniently add their own functions to the CamIQ net and integrate the CamIQ net into other systems.


  • A powerful, uniform interface for CamIQ 7 Satellite, CamIQ 7 Enterprise and other CamIQ net modules
  • Extensive documentation and useful example applications
  • Solutions based on the interface (CamIQ API/SDK) remain updateable within a major version
  • Direct manufacturer support is possible for project-oriented business - we speak your language, e.g. C, C++, C#, Java and Delphi


The CamIQ API/SDK interface gives you as developer a powerful programming interface for the CamIQ net.

This interface is based on TCP/IP as transmission medium. The interface lets you use numerous functions of the CamIQ applications / modules.

For example, you can use the interface to integrate CamIQ 7 Enterprise into existing facility management systems and operate them from there via remote control.

Or the interface can assign a camera to a specific monitor or trigger an event. It‘s also possible to initiate scripts that can be edited directly in CamIQ 7 Enterprise.

The possibilities are almost limitless in connection with the CamIQ 7 interface. Basic functions such as triggering an alarm or retrieving a live image are conveniently grouped together via the interface and allow CamIQ 7 to be integrated quickly as a backend system for custom solutions.

Appropriate triggers/events can link the video surveillance system with other monitoring systems. The basic architecture of the interface even provides a link to external database systems.
This way even data from production processes, merchandise management, shipping, barcodes, access control or other external data sources can be linked with the video surveillance data.

Complementary to the classic interface (CamIQ API/ SDK), a web interface (CamIQ Web API) will be available starting with CamIQ 7. The web interface is based on the HTTP transmission protocol and thus makes numerous functions of the CamIQ applications accessible for webbased clients, such as web applications and apps.

HTTPS-based streams are also provided over the web interface with which live images as well as recorded images from CamIQ 7 servers can be accessed. The usage of own HTTPS-Certificates is possible.

Further informations

The CamIQ API can be demanded at our office directly if required. More information about the API and our service can be found here.