CamIQ is a modular platform with many enhancement possibilities. The following CamIQ modules are application examples that are widely used by customers. We have at our disposal an extensive portfolio of additional modules and interfaces that we do not market separately. Please feel free to contact us if you need a particular interface/interface module!

AI Analytics CamIQ AI Analytics

CamIQ AI Analytics analyzes the image data streams of video cameras using neural networks and classifies detected objects based on pre-trained models in real time. Compared to simple motion detection. CamIQ AI Analytics can significantly reduce false alarms caused by environmental factors such as shadows, light reflections, wind and the movement of animals (insects, for example) in many cases.


  • Low error rate thanks to object recognition in various classes (standard models feature up to 80 classes, for example, humans, various animals, cars, etc.)
  • Counting of objects/persons in the current image based on state-of-the-art AI analysis
  • Parallel detection and the further processing of diverse objects in CamIQ Satellite as API events
  • Filtering of detected objects by means of alarm zones (regions of interest)
  • Detection only for movement in a dependent pre-alarm zone

CamIQ Detection CamIQ Detection

CamIQ Detection works internally with a 3D model of the area to be kept under surveillance. By doing this it is possible, for example, to differentiate objects based on relative size depending on their distance and to only trigger an alarm for objects within the size range defined.


  • Reliable detection of objects outdoors
  • Internal 3D model for the conversion of object size and distance
  • Optimized also for use with thermal cameras
  • For use at close range
  • Automatic adjustment to new imagery requirements due to changes in lighting conditions
  • Very easy configuration
  • Significant decrease of false alarms


This module allows the recording and archiving of various POS/ATM transaction data over RS-232  and TCP connections alike. The flexible configuration also enables freely definable information to be extracted from the data. Overall, POS/ATM transaction data from any number of sources can be flexibly assigned to up to 64 monitoring areas or cameras, thus making even more complex scenarios viable.


  • Recording and archiving of POS/ATM transaction data
  • Any desired assignment of transactions - up to 64 tracks or cameras per server
  • Flexible interface
  • Can be directly integrated into CamIQ Satellite

Direction Detection CamIQ Direction Detection

In many situations it must be determinable whether persons are moving in a certain direction. The CamIQ direction detection module uses analytical methods to reliably establish a person’s direction of movement.


  • Reliable recognition of a person’s direction of movement in the entry and exit areas
  • Configurable tolerance sectors in one direction to avoid false alarms
  • Additional processing possibilities, for example, recording or the issuing of a warning signal via relay control

People Counting CamIQ People Counting

For various scenarios, it is important to be able to evaluate as precisely as possible information regarding the number or flow of visitors. The CamIQ direction detection module uses analytical methods to reliably establish a person’s direction of movement.


  • Counting of persons with a high degree of accuracy
  • Multi-camera evaluation of several entrance and exit areas
  • The  graphical analysis as a camera image is displayable with CamIQ Satellite and CamIQ Enterprise
  • Automatic data export of the count data for additional evaluation in a spreadsheet, for example

CamIQ timeCard® Interface

The combination of CamIQ 8, CamIQ time­Card® Interface and the Reiner SCT time recording system enable data protection compliant time recording with video surveillance. A convenient and comprehensive search and filter function enables the user to find and evaluate relevant bookings.


  • The import of booking data from the timeCard time recording system
  • Data protection compliant implementation by means of the separation of time recording and video recording
  • A comprehensive and convenient search and filter function
  • Quick and efficient evaluation of booking data
  • Booking tooltip with preview image
  • Playback of related excerpts from the video recording

Please note: timeCard® is a registered trademark of REINER Kartengeräte GmbH und Co. KG