CamIQ net

CamIQ net – network based video surveillance with concept

Integration, flexibility, high scalability and a robust open platform – features which CamIQ net as a surveillance system joins into an optimal intelligent concept.


  • Integrative and very user-friendly operating concept
  • Open platform: supports numerous foreign manufacturers
  • Optimal integration into existing IT-infrastructures possible
  • Robust architecture, modular structure and good scalability
  • Efficient specialized applications for various scenarios of operation
  • Extensive possibilities of integration and interfacing via SDK
  • Made in Germany


CamIQ net is the practice and future orientated solution for modern video surveillance systems. Drafting complex system solutions the CamIQ net sets new standards.

The CamIQ net compliments specialised components and applications into an overall system. The innovative functions of applications and components such as CamIQ Satellite for the analysis of pictures and recording or CamIQ Enterprise as a central operating manager combine the benefits of parallel processing and central administration.

All CamIQ net components enact of the same user-friendly and continuous philosophy which enables an easy start-up, administration and maintenance of the complete system.

The open platform allows the integration of network based cameras, encoders or video servers of foreign manufacturers into the system. In consequence the CamIQ net can be extended up to the conception of the user any time.

A connection via SDK to external data (e. g. customer specific interfaces for data acquisition or at the goods delivery) is implemented into the basic concept. The SDK has visa versa functions to integrate or interface with external applications.

Typical Range of Application

  • Internal and external building surveillance
  • Remote video surveillance at different locations ( e. g. branches )
  • Parking areas, airports, factories, warehouses, real estate properties
  • Verification of alarm messages from central alarm stations
  • Banks, data processing centres
  • Stations, harbours, traffic control
  • Hospitals, municipalities. water supply, power stations
  • Production and process control, transportation