CamIQ 5x

Intelligent Image Recording and Analysis with system

CamIQ Satellite is a modern, reliable and convenient video surveillance solution for different application scenarios.

In the latest version, up to 256 cameras (4x64) can now be used per server (PC). All functions of a CamIQ instance can be used with the included standard Client. The CamIQ Enterprise Client is optionally available for installations with several CamIQ server instances.


  • Up to 256 cameras per PC (4 instances of 64 cameras each) on one hardware platform
  • Active Directory integration
  • CamIQ AI Analytics - AI supported image analysis (option)
  • ONVIF integration of metadata from cameras (option)
  • Encrypted camera streams via SRTP/RTSPS & HTTPS
  • Token-based authentication for controlled remote access (e.g., by central monitoring stations)
  • Comprehensive user management and data privacy protection functions
  • Failover concept for increased availability (option)
  • Advanced H.264 CamIQ Multi-Streaming
  • Central configuration backups (automatic and manual)
  • High performance, developed and optimized for multicore processors
  • Ideal platform for distributed installations and branch operations
  • Flexible extension options with add-on modules and open programming interface (CamIQ API/SDK)
  • Enables GDPR-compliant operation
  • Made in Germany9


The ergonomically designed user interface of this product allows the user to operate the system easily and intuitively. The configuration of the system is logically structured in every aspect, and the CamIQ Wizard allows for quick and easy basic configuration. It is possible, additionally, for the configuration to be extensively customized to meet customer-specific requirements.
Special attention was paid here to the implementability of the data protection requirements (e.g. GDPR).
The prevalent standard functions for event-triggered or
continuous video recordings are complemented by additional options, such as the subsequent analysis of recorded images and practical responses (e.g., switching relays, sending email, etc.).

By coupling the CamIQ installation with independent alarm systems (with an intrusion detection system, for example), a fast visual transmission can be established when the event notifications occur.
In addition, a CamIQ CMS Connect compatible surveillance center can provide a videostream connection to external service providers.

For connections with low bandwith (e.g., VPN), a fast operation of the evaluation software is possible by Advanced H.264 Multi-Streaming (or the switchable dynamic recompression of the image data).

For larger or distributed installations (e.g., for several branch offices or production sites) CamIQ Satellite is used as a centrally controlled server in the CamIQ net concept and increases operational security by assuming the role of an independently functioning local unit.

Practically any number of CamIQ Servers can be connected to a CamIQ Enterprise System in the CamIQ net concept.
In addition to the benefits of using low bandwidth capacity and better data privacy protection, the distributed design also eliminates the risk associated with single points of failure. The structure of the CamIQ net ensures that the system can be managed centrally.

With the CamIQ Integrated-Failover-Cluster (based on the Failover Option), requirements for high reliability can be realized economically and technically. This eliminates the need to purchase extra hardware for failover operation while at the same time optimizing the load distribution of the systems in normal operation. It can operate in computer centers with the appropriate supporting tools.

The CamIQ servers can be specifically adapted to individual customer needs or industry requirements via numerous expansion modules.