CamIQ Cloud

CamIQ Cloud - Video surveillance and data protection

Many IT areas are currently jumping on the Cloud bandwagon: On the one hand, Cloud computing offers the advantages of cost savings, infrastructure centralization, administration simplification and the integration of mobile terminals. On the other hand, these advantages must be put in the balance with new requirements that go hand in hand with this in terms of data security, the bandwidth, operational safety and new legal considerations.

With CamIQ Cloud you can conveniently take advantage of the best of both worlds:  CamIQ Cloud lets you benefit from the many advantages of a Cloud solution but  –  in comparison to a local installation  –  without making compromises in terms of data protection! You retain full control over sensitive video data since the recording takes place on your own CamIQ net systems. You can, however, use and administer these systems like Cloud systems.

You can decide for yourself whether your CamIQ net systems run at distributed locations or whether they are centralized in a computer center. The ideal location takes its cue exclusively from your particular needs and from local circumstances, for example, the available bandwidth. This feature makes CamIQ unique!

With the help of the CamIQ Cloud connection, you can easily administer distributed CamIQ installations centrally and, for example, determine which mobile devices (iPhone/iPad), captive or cross-regional evaluation stations or external alarm centers/service providers should be reliably notified in the case of an event.

In the case of an event (an intrusion alarm for example), only the data explicitly pre-defined by you for this case will be released for limited-time access by an alarm center or mobile device, for example. Each time data is accessed this will be logged in detail within the CamIQ net. If desired, thus, this access can subsequently be traced, for example, by data protection officers.

The new CamIQ app for iPhones and iPads makes mobile notification possible in the case of events. The CamIQ Cloud distributes incoming messages to the mobile devices (iPhone/iPad) determined by you.  Upon receipt of a notification, you can promptly access live images or recorded video data (events).

CamIQ Cloud services complement your CamIQ net installation with central services where this is expedient. Despite the enhanced functionality you keep full control of your data at all times.

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