Beyond the standard products rosemann software GmbH offers services within the main area, with which we handle daily by developing our CamIQ product range and OEM-products.

Our Know-How by long lasting competence within the range of product development of video surveillance products rest first of all on the following areas:

Main Competences

  • Realisation of projects based on CamIQ modules and CamIQ SDK
  • Management solutions for large video surveillance systems
  • Digital video surveillance technique
  • Picture transfer methods via TCP/IP, especially for narrow-banded connections
  • Tracing objects with movable cameras
  • “on the fly” transcoding of video and picture formats
  • Industrial picture processing
  • Client-Server software architecture
  • SQL-database

Customer-Specified developments based on CamIQ SDK

Connections from external systems to the CamIQ net can be done via CamIQ SDK (Software Development Kit). The SDK has the appropriate interfaces and functions to integrate external systems into the CamIQ net and visa versa to integrate CamIQ modules into alient systems.

This enables the realisation of projects with CamIQ standard products which can be combined with customer specified modules from case to case. Mainly the individual modules can be used without any changes with the succeeded version because of the firm state of CamIQ SDK.
The high updateability results in a high cost reduction for the project business.

Our Basic Principles and Services for project business:

High efficiency
We achieve our aim of effective project realisation by using very modern programming technology, developing tools and massive use of complete basic modules and technologies self-made. We do not reinvent the wheel every time but we focus on perfected modules and concentrate on the result.

Representing a very innovative and powerful company we offer our customers not only project realisations but also very often new ideas and technical attempts.

Basic Modules
We already developed a couple of basic modules which are used within many projects. The modules are not sold as independent products but they allow an efficient realisation for the appropriate projects.

Self-Developed Technologies
Our technologies are partly patent-saved and are licensed to companies of the video surveillance branch. These technologies are used in numerous installed CamIQ products daily.

Know-How Transfer and Project Coordination
Especially for the range of digital video-technique we possess numerous contacts to specialists of this branch. Therefore we can even cover partial aspects which lay beyond our competence via Know How transfer. So we are able to offer our customer a wide network of specialists and take care of the coordination of external project parts. In the end you have only one contact partner!

Design of Operator Surface
Technical software products pose the challenge to present very complex circumstances as easy and clear as possible. Therefore an intuitive and complete operator philosophy is one of our basis for our project business. And more we set great value on an appealing design of our program surfaces, which are design by professional graphic designer.

How can we help you?

With pleasure we give you advice in project questions if you get in contact with us!