Camiq Connector

CamIQ CMS – Total Solution for Alarm Centre

CamIQ CMS runs in alarm centres and receives direct alarm messages of CamIQ installations. Beside the multi-place ability and the redundancy concept to the increased working reliability comfortable customer administrative and account functions are included in CamIQ CMS.


  • Central solution for the acceptance and treatment of alarms from the CamIQ net
  • System binding for third party systems by CamIQ SDK and CamIQ Routing of services 
  • Alarm centre solution of acceptance of the alarm up to the invoice preparation
  • Customer and systems management
  • Monthly evaluation inclusive report for invoice creation
  • Interfaces for data export
  • Support of different software versions on customer and system level
  • Multi-operator ability by central data base
  • Redundancy concept for control place


CamIQ CMS – The easy to use Alarm Centre Solution for professional requirements

CamIQ CMS the suitable solution for alarm centres to integrate the CamIQ net components into a comprehensive system concept.

Apart from the comfortable and practical functions for the treatment of alarms which permit a safe operation of the system also in critical situations, CamIQ CMS has an alarm preview function.

The alarm preview function enables immediately after an alarm call arrival to make a first estimate of the situationon the basis of the alarm image supplied with the alarm.

Thus the operator in the alarm centre wins a crucial time with actual incidents. At the same time the pictures are stored to the alarm calls with timestamps and stand thus as evidence or also to accounting purposes for order.

CamIQ CMS can be used very simply as multi operator system in which all operators have access to the same data.

By the immediate feedback of the system for the processing status of a alarm call, like e.g. acceptance of an alarm and further working steps by the operator, the treatment can take place also very flexibly in the team, the allocation of competencies can be adapted for the respective situation in the alarm centre dynamically.

The result is the optimal integration in the workflow of an alarm centre during daily business which makes a comfortable operation possible of alarm handling under optimal employment of available personnel resources.

The multi-operator configuration increases also the reliability of the alarm centre solution. Each individual CamIQ CMS installation has the complete functionality of the overall system. The function of an individual control position can be ensured immediately by a further control position in case of failure.

CamIQ CMS makes a simple administration of the overall system possible, this system thought includes also administration of installed systems from connected customers.

In CamIQ CMS each customer is connected to the alarm centre and if necessary each individual system with different software conditions can be administered individually.

The data collected by CamIQ CMS can be exported for analysis and accounting purposes. For smaller alarm centres CamIQ CMS brings along all functions in order to prepare customer or location-specific account at the end of the month.

Beside the expenditure of operating time overviews there are also appropriate report functions present for the collection of relevant incidents. Very comfortably corresponding performance records can be furnished by the integration of alarm preview pictures into a report for the customer of the alarm centre.

CamIQ CMS as a component of CamIQ net is optimally coordinated to CamIQ components. By the routing functions in CamIQ on one hand and the CamIQ SDK on the other hand it is possible to have integration with third parties.