CamIQ Enterprise

Management Solution for Video Surveillance Systems

CamIQ 8 Enterprise is the professional, multiple monitor solution for large CamIQ net installations. The software supports installations with up to 10,000 cameras and multiple CamIQ Servers in one location.
The software contains all the necessary functions to give users a complete overview of the video system at any given time.


  • Prefered solution for medium to very large installations with up to 10,000 cameras and Dual Monitor Support
  • Advanced H.264 Multi-Streaming
  • Freely scalable architecture with practically no limitations to the number of cameras used
  • An Integrated site plan is already included in the basic version
  • Synchronized playback function via multiple CamIQ Servers
  • Distributed installations can be combined to create a comprehensive video system and can be centrally managed via VPN (TCP/IP)
  • Modular design with numerous options for expanding the system, e.g. via CamIQ API, monitor module, RS232 interface etc.


CamIQ 8 Enterprise enables the live image display of all CamIQ Server integrated image sources equipped with the optional Enterprise Camera Add-on.
The Dual Monitor Function already provides in the basic version a clearly structured workplace for the intuitive operation of all important functions.
If a large number of video sources need to be displayed simultaneously (up to 22x64 signals), CamIQ 7 Enterprise can be expanded to accommodate up to 21 additional monitors with the CamIQ Monitor Wall option. Even using the maximum configuration, the ground-breaking advanced H.264 Multi-Streaming technology warrants excellent display performance.
In addition to its convenient operation, you can configure/administrate all the CamIQ Servers in the CamIQ net from this central operator station. To safeguard the system, access rights are assigned to every user individually.
Several workstations can be used in parallel at one location. This supports a high availability of the entire video system, especially in connection with the failover operation of CamIQ Servers.
A site plan function can be used to assign cameras from the site plan directly to a monitor view via Drag & Drop. The site plan also supports the display of actors and sensors. A relay can be switched for this purpose, for example, or the status of a sensor (e.g., IR detector) can be shown as an image. A corresponding site plan editor is part of the product.
The patented control field and USB joysticks can be used to control domes as well as PTZ cameras / Domes.
CamIQ 8 Enterprise is optionally expandable to practically any number.

It is possible to expand the comprehensive functionality of CamIQ 7 Enterprise by including additional modules, such as the CamIQ Monitor Wall to connect additional monitors, or the CamIQ TCP/IP (API/SDK) Interface.