Seminare Schulungen

CamIQ net General Product overview      
CamIQ net Setup System requirement, Variations of installation      
CamIQ net Support Correct registration, localization and report of problems for fast support through the manufacturer      
CamIQ net Sales Preview of new CamIQ versions and features    
CamIQ 8.x (Operation) Start menu Login, Languages, WAN-Mode      
CamIQ 8.x (Operation) Live picture General overview, Cameras, Events, Monitors, Camera info, Monitor symbols, Recording, Relays, PTZ Panel, Details of detection, Monitor mode, Right-Click Menu      
CamIQ 8.x (Operation) Permanent recording General overview, Tracks, Sequences, Preview, Filter, Navigation, Camera picture, Sequence control, Tool bar, Search      
CamIQ 8.x (Operation) Events General overview, Tracks, Events, Preview, Search result, Navigation, Camera picture, Sequence control, Tool bar, Export Sequences      
CamIQ 8.x (Operation) Operation assistance Keyboard control, Program startup parameters      
CamIQ 8.x (Configuration) Licensing Licensing, Import of XML-Datas      
CamIQ 8.x (Configuration) Server GUI Server info, Status, Active users, Server login, Commands        
CamIQ 8.x (Configuration) Server info Server status, Protocol, Administration, Saving/Loading, Service      
CamIQ 8.x (Configuration) Basic configuration Setup of Streaming Server, Devices / Image Sources, Tracks, Standard operation, User administration, Password management        
CamIQ 8.x (Configuration) Event handling Recording, Pre-Alarm images, Locking, Relay, E-Mail, Surveillance center alarm, PTZ Camera, Event-Driven Acces Rights, Scripts    
CamIQ 8.x (Configuration) Detection Alarm zones, Privacy Zones, Pre-Alarm      
CamIQ 8.x (Configuration) Additional license Detection Extended Detection, Tracking, Handling of thermal cameras, 3D Detection        
CamIQ 8.x (Configuration) Standard operation Calender, External arming, Text-Overlay      
CamIQ 8.x (Configuration) CamIQ Connect Registration and use of the CamIQ Server in connection with a security center (exemplary)      
CamIQ 8.x (Configuration) Extended configuration PTZ Cameras, Virtual Device,Preset Position, Lens Correction        
CamIQ 8.x (Configuration) Client settings Hardware Acceleration, User-Defined filters, Views, Neighboring cameras, Site plan, Transcoding, Multi-Start of the Manager      
CamIQ 8.x Enterprise (Operation) Live picture General overview, Camera list, Displaying Cameras, Event list, Info bar, Script buttons, Guard Tour, Monitors, Views, Live view, PTZ Panel, Measures, Button Camera list, Button Site plan, Button Viewing software, PopUp Menu, Views/Favorite      
CamIQ 8.x Enterprise (Operation) Playback/ Recording Local recording, Instant recording, RSV-Player, Parallel Multi-Playback of recordings from different servers      
CamIQ 8.x Enterprise (Configuration) General System requirements, Installation        
CamIQ 8.x Enterprise (Configuration) Start  License activation, Login      
CamIQ 8.x Enterprise (Configuration) Basic configuration  Device setup, Auto configuration, Streaming Server      
CamIQ 8.x Enterprise (Configuration) Extended configuration Site plan, User rights, Alarm Output, Guard Tour, Message Transmission, Sequences, Scripts, Hardware acceleration, others      
CamIQ 8.x Enterprise (Configuration) Options Video Decoder, TCP/IP Interface (e.g. for API), TCP/IP Module, RS-232 Interface        
CamIQ 8.x Enterprise (Configuration) Matrix (Videowall)  Installation, Configuration, Operation    
CamIQ Cloud Services Website Registration, Operation/Functions    
CamIQ Cloud Services Dispatcher Installation, Configuration, Connection with Cloud-Account      
CamIQ Cloud Services App Overview, Requirements, Installation, Login, Offline-Mode, Gateways, Live picture, PTZ, Recording, Events, Adjustments    
CamIQ Cloud Services Event handling Push-Notifications      
CamIQ Modules WebClient Installation, Login, Operation      
CamIQ Modules WebClient Login, Live pictures, Permanent recording, Events    
CamIQ Modules POS/ATM Interface  Initial operation, Licensing, Configuration, Operation        
CamIQ Modules TCP/IP Alarm Modules Initial operation, Licensing, Configuration, Operation      
CamIQ Modules Direction Detection  Initial operation, Licensing, Configuration, Operation        
CamIQ Modules CamIQ Connect  Initial operation, Licensing, Configuration, Operation        
CamIQ Modules Other Modules Overview of additional modules and interfaces (e.g. time recording, door intercom system, telecommunication systems, Scanner interfacing, API/SDK)        
CamIQ API CamIQ 8.x Server API Overview, Build an example        
CamIQ API CamIQ 8.x Enterprise API Overview, Build an example        
CamIQ API CamIQ Web API Overview, Build an example        
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