It’s finally here! CamIQ 7, with new functionality and improvements, is now available to you.

For existing SMAs the update is available at no extra cost! The new licenses will automatically be sent to all SMA customers in the coming days.

For all other users low-cost updates are now available. With the acquisition of an update, a SMA can be entered for future versions. If you want to keep your security system permanently up-to-date, our CamIQ SMA is the most economical long-term solution. We would be pleased to provide more information!

To get a detailed offer, please use the contact form at our website (registration required). We will prepare an offer that you will then receive via the sales partner.

What's new about CamIQ 7?

We are very glad about all the feedback of customers and sales partners.  Also in CamIQ 7 many suggestions for improvement were considered, to perfect CamIQ even further.

  • Automatic detection and configuration of cameras during installation (for supported camera models)
  • Automatic migration of pre-set images sources (for supported camera models)
  • Improved/ Extended compability with common security control solutions  

CamIQ Satellite

  • Virtual zoom on image detail at live image with new intuitive control
  • Modern RSX format now for recording as standard
  • Token-based authentication for controlled remote access (e.g., by central monitoring stations)
  • Detailed protocols
  • Improved export manager with 4-eyes-principle

CamIQ Enterprise

  • Virtual zoom on image detail at live image

CamIQ Modules / Applications

  • Improved video streaming at CamIQ WebClient
  • New CamIQ AI Analytics* module 


Would you like more details?
For detailed information, just have a look at our updated functional overview or the CamIQ 7 Newsletter. If you haven’t signed up for our CamIQ Newsletter yet you can do so at our website or under your account settings.

Should you have any questions about the new update, the CamIQ Support team would be happy to help.

* Requires a corresponding extension license.